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of perfection. back.elcome >>> welcome back. the market seeing red all day. bob pisani on it, on the floor of the nyc. what's going on here, bob? >> two things, cyprus, and number two, global economic slowdown is the story today. take a look at the dow industrials. see that bottom around 2:00? we turned around when word came out that the cypriot government was creating a resolution process to wind down bad banks, and also, they're going to try to introduce a bill to protect depositors of up to 100,000 euros. that helped. global economic slowed down. transports were a major issue again today. and remember, we did see fedex week yesterday, weak again today. but others weak. like landstar and gatx. this was a big issue today. those stocks never really recovered here. multi-industry companies, here's the global slowdown. companies that work across many different platforms, many different countries were all down here today, 1, 2, or 3%. how about the home builders? a little disappointing, maria. existing home sales didn't break the psychologically important 5 million share mark. all were down t
which was hit back in october of 2007. bob pisani runs through the sectors leading the rally early on today. bob? >> important thing is what's happened is while we're not at new high, we're close enough. a number of sector, bill, are already essentially at historic highs. a mix of the defensive and cyclic cal naal names. essentially at or near historic highs. there's a group that's kind of in the middle, bill, that hit historic highs in 2008 and are just off of them. just below them about 10%. that's the utility stocks and the energy stocks and the materials stocks are just off of their historic highs but heading in the right direction, at least. finally, here's the really tough one, these are the guys that have never gotten close. telecom stocks and the tech stocks were destroyed in the dot com bubble in 2000 and essentially have never gotten close back to old historic highs. 50% off. financials got destroyed in the financial crisis of 2008. they never really got all the way back. here's the problem, bill. financials and tech are the two biggest weightings in the s&p 500. they're
right now along with hank is jason pride, peter schiff of euro pacific capital and our own bob pisani. peter schiff, let me kick it off with you and get your take on what's going on in cyprus right now. what's the impact? >> a lot of people are hoping what happens in cyprus stays in cyprus. i wouldn't be so sure. i think bank depositors including depositors here in the united states have to be concerned about the value of their deposits. because if we have a major bank failure in the united states, you know, there's no way the fdic has the money to cover the potential losses. so we would have to have a huge bailout like t.a.r.p. and where would the money come from? and even if there is a bailout and the fed has to print money, the losses to depositors to inflation will be far greater than what the cyprus depositors are losing due to this tax. >> hank smith, it is pretty extraordinary depositors have to pay for a bailout they didn't necessarily authorize. what do you think about what peter said? is this a recipe that would be used elsewhere in the world? >> i highly down it, maria. loo
you soon, guys. thanks very much. >>> and it was an up and down week for stocks. bob pisani now recapping all the action. >> bottom line is we ended not far from the highs of the day, not enough to get us into positive territory for the week. look at the dow. what a difference a year makes. if this would have been a year ago, going into uncertainty on a major event happening in cyprus, we would have been selling, now everybody's buying because we think everything's going to work out okay. a different attitude than there was a year ago. different look at some of the earnings. micron, nike, tiffany, all with positive numbers. look at those nice moves up. it still didn't erase the memory of earlier in the week when we had oracle, fedex, caterpillar. those are bellwether names and they really weighed on the markets. we had a lot of ipos this week. a little bit disappointment with marin software. priced at 14, opened at 19. my heavens, that was a big open. i'll tell you my rule here. any time an ipo opens at the top and ends at the bottom, i don't care what the price is, that's a lit
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4